Moving Forward

In recent months, I’ve shared how my small town in Iowa lost three teens to suicide within a short period of time while I was writing Walking with Justice. The words of my life’s greatest mentor, through the pages of this book, called me to make a big shift in my life toward service to my local community.

We’ve done tremendous work over the past months…and there is much more to do. Recently, another Iowa town lost two teens, children of school staff who took their lives at school. There are towns all across this country being similarly devastated by crises, leaving community leaders in desperate need of seeing the next best steps forward.

Since releasing Walking with Justice last month, I’m hearing story after story about how this book is reconnecting readers to their own call to serve.

All of this has led me to the decision to move beyond Best Life Design to focus my energies on my leadership resilience work and empowering communities to thrive. This work is pulling me forward like nothing I’ve yet known – mapping on completely to my training, experience, connections, and the core of my being.

Best Life Design as it exists represents who I was…and not who I now fully am and who I’m being called to be. It helped heal me from a heart condition and allowed me to bring healing to others. With immense gratitude and a deep sense of peace, it’s time to move beyond.

Thank you for celebrating this next season of life with me. I will forever hold dear the relationships formed through Best Life Design – and look forward to seeing how they continue to nourish you and your greatest work.

This year is shaping into a time of tremendous growth that is challenging many to go beyond trimming things that slow them down … to letting go of some things they hold dear in order to step even more boldly into greater service to others.

Are you experiencing a call to let go of the “really good” for the “great”? We’d love to hear about your journey.

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  • Vyoung

    Very inspiring Molly! As you know I am at a bit of a crossroads myself.

    Whether it is relationships, jobs, or businesses too many hold on for too long out of fear or familiarity or both. While I know this community will surely miss you, your work lives on in them. And all of those impacted by your new calling are lucky to have you on their side. Travel well my new friend!

    Valerie Young

    • Thanks, Valerie. 

      Wise observation re people holding on far longer than what would serve their best life design due to fear and familiarity. Yes, the path forward requires great courage, trust, and a sense of curiosity.

      Thrilled to have met you and look forward to seeing how both of our journeys unfold.


  • I second that Vyoung. I’m really really excited to see where this takes you and all of us who have been lucky enough to connect with you and with bestlifedesign. You’re sincerity, passion, caring and purpose are so appreciated. I have a great feeling you will be having an even bigger, more powerful impact with your new direction. And the world will be better for it! 

    • Thanks for your support and vote of confidence, Don.
      Was a treat to have you join us at Make an Impact LIVE! and look forward to sharing this experience again in October. Here’s to ALL of us serving and impacting in a bigger way!

  • Oh Mollie – Best Life Design will always be a community and I am so proud to be a part of what it was, and what its impact will be in the months and years ahead. Thank you for showing us how to lay hold of life, how to choose great mentors, and how to be a mentor to those who need us most. In the meantime, we will still celebrate the fruit that comes from those seeds of making money, having fun and doing good. Here’s to more GOOD ahead!

    • Beautiful reminder that we have done tremendous seeding over the past few years, Gina! Any good farm girl appreciates the power of this 🙂

      So in addition to our taking the relationships forward (which has been the focus of my musings), this transition also calls for a celebration of our seed planting — the harvest of which we may never see…but it is forthcoming.

      Thank you for this much needed reminder and for all your brilliant contributions to our Best Life Design community! XOXO

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  • Anonymous

    As an athlete and coach I know that great leaders lead from the front on change.  You are boldly stepping up to a calling with, as I like to say, “Big Girl Shoes” that Judge would be proud of today.  I’m grateful to call you friend.  I look forward to supporting you always.

    • Thanks, Ashley. Your Big Girl Shoes comment made me smile 🙂

      The role a great mentor plays in inspiring us well beyond our time together is amazing. For the 10 years after I left his side (when he was still alive) and the 6 years since…and I’m guessing until the day I die…I will seek to live in a way that makes Judge proud.

      The world would be a better place very quickly if we all donned the perspective of servant mentors… allowing ourselves to acknowledge that we hold this type of power within to impact lives in such a positive and profound manner. 

      Appreciate your support, my friend!!

  • Mollie-
    You have done truly great work with Best Life Design. Yours is a wonderful example of moving forward gracefully. The exciting part of designing our best lives means that no matter what path we were on before and no matter how much work we’ve done in another area, if our lives are moving forward in a new and different direction, we can create the space for that to happen. 

    You are uniquely qualified to build a powerful movement to help the teens and families in your area and across the nation learn how to make an impact in their own lives. I’m honored to have been a part of the ride and look forward to contributing to your new path in any way I can as a colleague and as your friend.

    Big hugs,
    Felicia Slattery

    • Can always count on your for generous, enthusiastic support — and wisdom. Love your point that creating more space is an essential to living our best lives…

      Thanks, Felicia!