5 Lights to Land Better Decisions

One of the game changers for people who are living their champion life is that they make better decisions than the others struggling to find their A-game.

Determining the fastest, most effective route to better decisions can be paralyzing or costly.

The bare, naked truth is that I have spent hours creating dead ends. Along the way I’ve built up a huge inventory of knowledge and expertise, for which I’m grateful. But the price for poor decision making has been steep when I consider how much time I’ve traded because I’ve stroked my ego on a venture or jumped up and down because of a fun feeling about a potential project.

I’ve added up the time, and acknowledge that I have made some lame decisions that haven’t panned out, costing me time away from my family, the acts of service that fulfill me, and precious time away from training for triathlons, which I love.

To be fair, I’m wired to take action. And, taking action has been a way to fail faster and determine the better course.

Here is what I’ve learned…

Making a decision is like landing a plane without instruments on a runway without lights.

Imagine the runway has 5 path lights. The more lights that you can illuminate, the higher probability that the decision to land will be successful.

1. Common Sense – This one is fairly easy. If someone approaches you to speak at an event and you respect her, there is a great sales page, the producer has run successful event(s) before, and the purpose is aligned with your purpose, then this light can be turned on.

2. Counsel from a Mentor – Coaches, mentors, and respected mastermind groups are a resource in decision making. After sharing your opportunity, you will get clarity around whether this light goes on or not. Consulting a wise mentor in the above scenario would probably illuminate this light as well.

3. Timing – Sometimes the decision seems to be a yes everywhere but in the timing. Continuing with the above speaking event example, if you have a conflict with the date, this light would not go on. But you might be able to rearrange your schedule.

4. Meditation or Prayer – You make better decisions in stillness. When I’m in silence and journal or pray for God’s whisper over my decision, then I get clarity.

5. Personal Feeling or Intuition – If this is the only light you get, then be cautious. Making a decision based on feeling alone is risky. Be patient not to rush forward without checking in to see if you get lights in any of the other four areas.

The key to landing successfully is to secure as many lights as possible. Landing with only one light is not safe. Be mindful to slow down and get, at a minimum, two lights before you land the decision.

Finally, even with the gear down, it’s wise to know that it’s still safe to abort landing.

Using these 5 runway lights to land your decision will save you time and unexpected disappointments. When patience and due diligence prevail, you will have confidence in your course and be more likely to persevere when the ride gets bumpy.

Champion decision making, like landing an airplane, is about strategy.

Land strong!

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  • Ashley, These lights are brilliant! Thanks for leading the way to better landings and helping us navigate the journey to living a champion life.

    • Anonymous

      Tom, Thanks for the read.  Have a powerful day.

  • Ashley – what a clear and powerful flight plan!

    I believe decision making is an often overlooked central piece of success.
    Making quick decisions you trust is actually featured in The 12 Factors of Business Success as one of the key factors.

    Successful people learn how to make decisions by making more of them and learning as they go, growing both their skill and self trust. Thanks for bringing your lessons on this topic to us!

    • Anonymous

      Mollie – Athletes need to make those quick decisions.  And they put themselves through deep practice so that they are successful in making the correct decision in a game.  I think many people in business would benefit from reading The 12 Factors of Business Success because of your background in working with successful elite athletes.

  • Oh Ashley–
    Your #3 comment about timing is the story of my business world right now. SO many things make perfect sense for me to do in my business- until I look at the timing of them.  My priority is my children & taking care of my family, so for me travel is kept to a bare minimum –even though I could be gone from home every week if I wanted to be. I look at raising my daughters as a wonderful season in my life and like all seasons it will someday end. Work and business will always be there. So while all the other runway lights might be lit up– it takes a very special opportunity to light up the timing light for me.

    Thanks for a great article!
    Felicia Slattery