An Anchor Within Life’s Storms

For 40 years I have done a practice daily that has, by far, the greatest scientific proof of efficacy of any self-regulation approach. Research shows that athletes, students, and business people can manage eighty percent of stress illnesses with this technique.

Beyond the research I can tell you from my daily practice that it brings a calm to your life that will anchor you amidst the storms.

It is called Autogenic Training.

I am going to show you how to master this process over the next 6 weeks. If you are practiced in meditation, you may shorten the time needed to make this practice a part of your daily ritual.

Start this way:

Assume a comfortable position—a reclining chair is ideal.  Close your eyes.

As you breathe in, say slowly to yourself:

“My arms and legs”

As you breathe out:

“Are heavy and warm”

Imagine the sun beaming down upon your arms and legs.  Do this for three minutes daily for one week.

The second week, after the 3 minutes with my arms and legs are heavy and warm, add:

As you breathe in:

“My heartbeat is”

As you breathe out:

“Calm and regular.”

Continue for 3 minutes, while visualizing something calm and regular like the pendulum of a clock.  Continue daily for a week.

The third week do the first 2 exercises and add, as you breathe in:

“My breathing is”

As you breathe out:

“Free and Easy”

While visualizing something free and easy, such as a bird gliding through the air without having to flap its wings. Continue for 3 minutes during this third week.

The fourth week, after you’ve mastered these 3 phrases, add as you breathe in:

“My abdomen”

As you breathe out:

“Is warm.”

While visualizing the sun beaming down upon your abdomen.  Continue all 4 phrases three minutes each for a week.

The fifth week, add as you breathe in:

“My forehead”

As you breathe out:

“Is cool.”

While visualizing being outside, warmly dressed, with a cool breeze blowing across your forehead.  Continue 3 minutes. During this fifth week do all 5 phrases 3 minutes each.

The sixth week, add, as you breathe in:

“My mind”

As you breathe out:

“Is quiet and still”,

Visualize a pleasant, quiet, still scene.  Continue 3 minutes.

You now have BASIC autogenic training—18 minutes a day to an inner peace you create. It’s priceless –  but you can’t buy it!

After this, you can add Organ Specific Phrases if you have a specific need.  For habits, such as smoking, “I am free of smoking.”  Or “My weight is (your ideal)” while visualizing yourself on scales in front of a mirror seeing you at your ideal weight. Always use only POSITIVE phrases and images!

This practice retrains the brain, nervous system and the autonomic control system easily and effortlessly.

Do not be surprised that with practice you begin to experience spontaneous spiritual imagery. This is a deep meditation practice that connects you with your core life force.

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  • Norm, This reminds me of a part-by-part, starting from the toes up, body relaxing technique I learned years ago from a doctor on a trip I took to Africa with my mother. I have used it effectively during times of great stress but never put it into daily practice. I look forward to trying this out!

  • Anonymous

    Norm, Thanks for sharing this process. It’s very helpful. It’s amazing how our minds can change a physical experience.

  • Thank you Dr. Mollie for sharing Dr. Norm’s Autogenic Training to lower stress reactions.

  • Thank you Dr. Mollie for sharing Dr. Norm’s Autogenic Training to lower stress reactions.

  • Thank you Dr. Mollie for sharing Dr. Norm’s Autogenic Training to lower stress reactions.