Top 3 Ways to Enter Into a Flow State

Oh my goodness, so many of us love to control, plan out, and analyze– all of which are great qualities to have.  Yet, too much “thinking things through” can also lead to stagnation and even boredom.  Rather than letting our logical, rational brain have full control of our lives, we need balance.

To achieve a more balanced state, we need to consciously choose to shift gears from always pushing or forging ahead to opening ourselves up to a state of allowing, which is often called “flow.”  From a flow state, there is room for spontaneity, intuition and creativity to come forward.

If this sounds too touchy-feely, or all fun and games, it isn’t.  Although a flow state is known to occur for more artistic types, athletes, sales people, even doctors have shared how they enter a “flow zone.”  In this zone, you feel “on,” where you trust what is coming forward from inside of you and lose yourself in the process.  The result is you are more effective at what you do.

My guess is you are wondering “How on earth do I make that happen?”  Well, here’s the deal – you can’t make flow happen.  Flow is an authentic state that cannot be forced.  There are, however, ways you can encourage more flow states in your life.

#1 Listen to Your Feelings

Too often times, you ignore or set aside feelings because you don’t like what they are saying.  Let’s face it, feelings that challenge you can occur at inconvenient times.  A much easier approach is to ignore, deny or try to rise above what you feel.  In doing so, however, you are not aligning yourself with your truth.  Instead, you are judging and choosing fear over truth.  Your fear is in what these feelings mean to you, or what they bring up within you that you don’t like.

There is another choice, which is to listen to your feelings from a perspective that views challenging feelings as a signal with an underlying message that is present to support you.  In this way, you can stay true to how you feel without getting lost in fear or ego drama.

What this is doing is actually moving your internal energy from a place that stifles you to one in which your internal energy flows in congruence with your higher self. By learning to listen to these messages, you move back in alignment with your authentic self and create internal balance.  This creates more room for passion, new insight and energy to come through – all of which are present to support you to live from a flow state more and more often.

#2 Move Your Physical Energy

Besides moving your internal energy, you can also take measures to move your physical energy.  Although this may not be as consistently effective as #1, this is a good place to start if you feel physically tired or overwhelmed.  When you need more energy, you have to be willing to give yourself a kick-start and get moving.

Any physical activity in which you can get lost in is the ideal.  Go for a run, paint, take a yoga class, throw clay and spin yourself a bowl – whatever gets you moving.  The point is move for the sake of how good it feels to your body AND to do so in a way that nourishes you from within.

#3 Get Back to Nature

Nothing is more attuned to the natural rhythms of life than nature.  Just entering nature can put you in a different frame of mind and help you breathe deeper.  Getting physically involved with nature by tending to a garden or taking a long walk or hike is nourishing to you.

You will find yourself losing yourself in your surroundings, which opens you up to more possibilities.  This is the ultimate mind detox that allows new options and possibilities to naturally pop up because you’ve entered into nature’s flow.

Use these 3 tips to encourage more flow in your life, allowing you to be more creative, more effective – and to enjoy the process.

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  • Excellent reminder of what’s possible – entering a “flow” state – and love your very practical tips. Love the insight of seeing our feelings as a message to support us rather than something to be feared or resisted. So glad I saw this posting on Dr. Mollie’s Facebook wall! 🙂

    • Michelle Bersell

      Hi Dr. Ben,

      Thanks for your feedback and being a proponent of non-resistance. It is amazing how that one little step can make a huge difference!

  • Great tips to move from place of “forcing” creativity to letting it flow. Needed these reminders to listen to the sign posts given by my emotions, the wisdom of my body and to use nature’s rhythms to expand from inside out.

    Appreciate these as a writer — and as someone who simply wants to enjoy more of what is here with me in each moment.

    Dr. Ben – happy to share this article with you!