Five Years Ago

Here’s the Question of the Week for all of you and it’s definitely one that will make you think.

What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?

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  • This Q does require thinking…so much so that it may scare some people away — and no, I did not submit this Q – it’s a great one 😉

    One of my favorite questions for accomplished business people is along the lines of “what do you know now that you wished you knew when starting out?” I learn so much from their answers – new perspectives and short cuts.

    What do I know now about spending time that I wish I knew 5 years ago? I wish I’d blocked off more white space on a daily basis. Time and space to regenerate my mind, spirit & body and connect with my deepest life priorities. Five years ago, I was in much more of a zoom routine – and this in part led to me becoming so ill I was fighting for my life.

    (It’s a different issue whether I would change this experience if I could…which I wouldn’t because of the immense gifts it has brought and continues to bring into my life)

    White space…the more I consciously block off space in my calendar for meditation, self-care and rejuvenation, the more I create for myself, those I love, and those I serve.

  • I wish I would have spent more time learning about authentic marketing that serves my mission, my ideal clients, and the world. In fact, at the time I had very limited (or no) understanding that the purpose of great marketing is to help people get to decisions that are in their best interest. I thought marketing was all about me and what I do instead of being about the marketplace – about people’s hopes and dreams, their fear and pain.

    Now I’m learning as fast as I can in order to catch up with where I ‘should have been by now’.

    The tricky part of this question is that it invites the perspective that everything didn’t unfold perfectly in my life based on what I knew, where I was, and what I needed. The reality is that I couldn’t have done better or learned more, but somewhere within me is the wish that I could have.

  • Simplygreen C

    Five years ago the word wishing was still in my thoughts and words. I no longer wish today. Nor do i even consider letting a day go by with out being thankful for each day.