Who’s the Most Important Person in Your World & Why?

We hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. Here’s the “Question of the Week.” This is going to be a fun one today talking about the most important person in our lives….

Who’s the most important person in your world & why?

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  • Going out on a limb here… and giving an answer I wouldn’t have given even a few years ago.

    The most important person in the world to me is…me. I am the ONLY one who can take care of me, nurture the unique gifts and experiences I’m given, and walk out my unique life purpose. Too many people (women!) put themselves too far down on their own list – undoing everything their heart truly desires to give to others.

    Close second – my husband (of 20 years next month!) and our 3 beautiful children 🙂

    • Guess

      You are my hero

  • Jan

    I must confess I am the most important person in my life right now. For decades I have served others as a caretaker to my patients and to my family. But the joy in service wanes without the feeling of being served as well. Presently, I am learning how to cultivate an air of joyous living. There is much less fear or dread while being joyful. It is a choice. There’s simple, tiny pleasures in being a happy me while interacting with others. It is thousands of times better than having angst over pleasing, or not. There is joy in managing my finances, managing my time, managing my health and nutrition using my own intuition. I accept success as the standard to live by. I allow the dissenters of the world their own space without giving them any judgement. We all manage our own destiny best when we realize we are the true creators of it and own it totally. It isn’t whether we worship a God somewhere out there. It’s do we acknowledge the God within us?

    • Such a beautiful note to revisit during this season of Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing, Jan! And no need to confess…go Loud & Proud 🙂 Fill up your SELF and then serve — with gratitude and grace — from the overflow.