Make Yours Bigger – Five Areas You DO Want to Enlarge

Did you know there are global industries based on making parts of our anatomy get bigger, or at least look bigger? This while definitely insisting that other body parts must get smaller.

Good grief!

I confess, as a woman living here in Country Music Land, I’ve looked at the superstars and thought, “Wow, how glamorous to have Big Hair, Big Lips, Big Eyelashes, Big Fingernails and Big B**bs.”


All I seem to have is Big Thighs, and I’m often on a quest to make those smaller!

But guess what?

SIZE only matters in a few areas.

Let’s take the following Fabulous Five to Truly Enlarge Your Life of Love.

Five Things You Really DO Want Bigger:

1. Your Ability to Dream

When we are children we dream and dream and sense that nothing is impossible. As we grow up, we lose that Big Ability. That may be why Jesus said that unless you become like little children you won’t even be able to operate in the supernatural realm at all.

Dream Bigger!

2. Your Impact on the World

You were not put on this earth just to use up resources. You were here to make a positive impact on those around you – from your own household to as far as your dreaming heart can reach.

Impact: Make yours bigger!

3. Your Capacity to Love

As Warren Buffet, one of the world’s wealthiest men says, “I measure wealth by how much love a person has in his life. I know a lot of people who have plenty of money but are not wealthy.”

The bigger your capacity is to love, the greater positive impact you will have and the more you will dream of making a difference. Make yours bigger!

4. Your Ability to Forgive

Let’s face it. Life is not fair, and sometimes pain suffered through other people can seem unbearable. However, if we only love some people and hold resentment towards others, we lose.

Forgiveness is empowering to the forgiver. The bigger your ability to forgive, the more your love can flourish, your impact can grow and your dreams are nurtured.

Forgiveness Power: Make yours bigger!

5. Your Bank Account

Oh sure, chasing after money can be the demise of the good intentioned, but consider this: If you are truly a Lover, Forgiver, Dreamer set on making a beautiful impact, than why not create the funds to play big?

Money is simply a magnifier of what is in your heart- and it provides a means to an end. A bigger bank account provides bigger opportunities. Big dreams take big finances, and it’s fine to have plenty left over to enjoy.

Make your bank account bigger!

Can you imagine if you grew in all these areas, especially WITH your spouse or partner?

Can you see yourselves growing in passion towards each other and others?

Can you imagine dreaming bigger, making a plan, making an impact and making more money?

It’s truly a recipe for invigoration!

One way that I will be growing my Fabulous Five is by attending the Big Dream Gathering at Make An Impact Live in Chicago, Illinois next month.

I will also be one of the speakers at this amazing event.

I invite you to come meet me in Chicago and soak in this intimate setting with multi-millionaire world changers who have big hearts and no pretense!

To help personally guide you to your Bigger Dream, Bigger Impact and Bigger Bank Account, I’ve put together a special package. For all the juicy details, simply email me at

Want to hear more about the Fabulous Five? Listen in here.

Have a comment about growing the good things in your life? Let’s chat below.

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  • Such a simple, powerful message of shifting from the external to growing ourselves in greater service of others.
    To BIGGER love – forgiveness – dreaming – financial resources & impact.
    Can’t wait to hear you speak at Make an Impact LIVE!
    (2.5 weeks!!)

    • So excited for Make an Impact Live!! So soon. Carpe Diem!

  • Anonymous

    Gina, it’s great you highlighted that sharing the big 5 with our spouse will make an even bigger impact than if we did it silently and separately. 

    I know you’ll be a blessing at the event.  I’m already committed, or I’d be there!  But, I’ll be checking in via Twitter.

    • Ashley, I thought you’d be there getting up at the crack of dawn to work out! Thanks for chiming in on this post. We’ll miss you, but I’m glad you’ll be there in spirit.